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November 2020

A week ago, Nov. 9, came the announcement every one of us on the planet has spent the last year hoping for in earnest. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, alongside German BioTech partner announced a a major milestone in humanities hunt for the shot that will end this pandemic. In their latest round of trials the CoVID-19 VACCINE proved more than 90% effective; and with large scale study results available by the third week in November. From there its over to the US

To kick-off our weekly Safe Travel Series we wanted to take a look back to the beginnings of the outbreak and what it’s effect on travelers told us about mega tourist-trap destinations like resort hotels and cruise ships. While highlighting a safer and extraordinary alternative to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in a Caribbean reopening to US travel! This first article, featured in the June/July issue of GQ tells the story of the Diamond Princess. An 18 story city-ship of