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Before the pandemic we built OUT Luxury Sailing Adventures to change the way all of us in the gay community and around the world imagine gaycationing. And it’s true, Covid hit us hard and with so many companies going under all around us we resolved to do better, by creating the vanguard of luxury and safety in a post Covid world! Meet the OLSA “Safe Travel Series.” We’ll keep you informed with our own regular updates, plus articles and original

A week ago, Nov. 9, came the announcement every one of us on the planet has spent the last year hoping for in earnest. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, alongside German BioTech partner announced a a major milestone in humanities hunt for the shot that will end this pandemic. In their latest round of trials the CoVID-19 VACCINE proved more than 90% effective; and with large scale study results available by the third week in November. From there its over to the US

To kick-off our weekly Safe Travel Series we wanted to take a look back to the beginnings of the outbreak and what it’s effect on travelers told us about mega tourist-trap destinations like resort hotels and cruise ships. While highlighting a safer and extraordinary alternative to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in a Caribbean reopening to US travel! This first article, featured in the June/July issue of GQ tells the story of the Diamond Princess. An 18 story city-ship of