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Hunt For The Shot To End Covid.

A week ago, Nov. 9, came the announcement every one of us on the planet has spent the last year hoping for in earnest. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, alongside German BioTech partner announced a a major milestone in humanities hunt for the shot that will end this pandemic. In their latest round of trials the CoVID-19 VACCINE proved more than 90% effective; and with large scale study results available by the third week in November.

From there its over to the US Food and Drug Administration where, should they approve the drug for emergency use it could become available to Americas before end of year. -According to Pfizer’s CEO

In the last 7 days the prospect of freedom from this terrible virus has been mudded by the personal opinions and personal biases of thousands on social media.

Our Advice: Ignore it all! Scientists and the US FDA reach their conclusions through fact and not by who’s yelling loudest. Wait to hear from them and then make your educated opinion!

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